Youth Soccer Training Video Released

New Ultimate Youth Soccer Training Series Released

sudvdboxshadeThe new SoccerU® training series was finally released this month and many who previewed it have called it, “The best to ever hit the market.”

The SoccerU® series is a soccer technical skill training series that contains a total of five disks and over 10 hours of soccer skill training.  It has 4 SoccerU® disks and also includes the now worldwide renowned Blast The Ball DVD, making it the most extensive series ever released.

Blast The Ball is a two hour instructional DVD that focuses solely on the soccer kick and ball flight. It takes the coach, parent and player all the way through the evolution of the soccer kick, then through full step by step training all the way up to very advanced.

The SoccerU® series is said to be more of a “field work” series that takes the trainer or player through all the essential skills needed to become an advanced and skilled soccer player.

The nice thing about this series is the broad range of topics. Instead of buying a “soccer moves” instructional video, you simply go to disk 3, chapters 4,5 and 6 and there is over an hour of soccer moves training.   With over 70 chapters in the 5 disk series, there is little that is NOT covered.

They are also offering an affiliate / soccer club fundraising program which has been a huge success for Blast The Ball affiliates and soccer clubs around the world.

The package special is being offered for a limited time at their website and they are also offering free world wide shipping. The series is available in DVD only and ships worldwide.

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